Hey friend! If we haven't met yet, I'm Marisa, and I help brand designers like you become confident in their brand strategy process so they can feel confident they are giving the best client experience and finally book those dreamy clients who truly value their creative work. 

A few years ago, potential clients would tell me that my $800 design packages were too expensive. But once I started implementing my brand strategy framework - Now I book five-figure design projects and I can’t wait to help you do it too.

Quill & Co.

Marisa Messick

Meet the Host

Step into Clarity

I’m the CEO and Creative Director at Telltale – a branding agency that focuses soul-led strategy and design for small businesses that are starting something new.
What started with one $200 web design client quickly grew into a multi-six-figure studio where I work with only ten clients a year, one client at a time.
I value nothing more than a streamlined process, work-life balance, and client boundaries, and when I’m not working with my own clients, I teach other designers how to run life-giving businesses through my template shop, 1:1 coaching, educational courses, and my signature coaching program, The Brand Process.
You can find me online at telltaledesign.co and designsourceco.com.

Telltale Design Co.® / Design Source

Lydia Kerr

Kelsey Kerslake is a multi-passionate CEO of two companies: Pinegate Road, and the Aligned Business. Kelsey has been helping entrepreneurs and businesses build their brands and market their online presences for over a decade. She is a business strategist, coach, and mentor for service-providers, coaches, and educators looking to scale their online businesses in complete alignment with the lives they want to live and the values they hold. She deeply believes that everyone has the potential to make their dreams reality and her businesses help online business owners define their future vision and literally bring it to life through coaching, strategy, design, and websites

Pinegate Road & The Aligned Business®

Kelsey Kerslake

Meet the Speakers

Hi! I am Chaitra, founder of Pinkpot Studio. After taking a long maternity break, I got to rebuilding my design studio in Jan 2020 and within a year I was able to scale my income by booking consistent high-end $10K website projects while working less than 20 hours / week. I believe that being kind, doing good work and working from a place of rest can go a long way in growing a business.
Now I am on a mission to help other web designers raise their prices, design high-end websites and scale their income doing what they love. Will you join me?

Pinkpot Studio

Chaitra Radhakrishna

Melissa is a holistic brand designer for soul-centered small businesses, and teaches courses for designers and creatives too! She started her design business in 2016 in search of the freedom and flexibility to run a business she loves and partner with like-minded entrepreneurs while staying home with her future kiddos. Becoming a mama in 2019 changed everything, and today she's pleased to report that dream is her reality.
Melissa is all about slowing down, choosing balance over burnout, and aligning how we work with how we want to live. She loves sharing her story and insights in the hopes it will light the way for others on their own path. Melissa believes it's possible to build the life AND business of your dreams, and to balance the two so you can live well and love what you do.

Melissa Yeager Designs

Melissa Yeager

Rache Araja - De Luna is the web designer, developer, and educator behind Squarestylist. She creates courses & templates for fellow designers and business owners to push the creative boundaries of Squarespace. She constantly creates features that used to be impossible or unthinkable in Squarespace. She developed her flagship program, Standout Squarespace, to help fellow designers learn the code, create the unexpected and charge with confidence.


Rache De Luna

Franzine Elaine is a designer who specializes in strategic brand identity design for startups and small business owners who want to bring a stronger online presence. With a background in marketing, she brings customer-focused design to her work. She also helps other creative-minded entrepreneurs build enjoyable and sustainable businesses that align with their values.

Franzie Elaine

Franzine Mackley

Alexis Campbell is the Founding Creative Director of Lex Creative Studios. She helps modern entrepreneurs and expert-level service providers achieve brands that look and feel like them! Alexis refers to herself as a “transformation expert” and thrives at helping business owners achieve their highest level of industry authority while NOT sacrificing their authenticity.
Before starting Lex Creative, she was an NYC-based professional makeup artist, working on marketing campaigns for brands like Warby Parker, Donna Karen, Harper's Bazaar, Vogue Magazine, and GAP to name just a few.
In 2017, she retired from the beauty industry and took all her knowledge about developing high-end brands, and mixed it with her ongoing love for design, photography, and creative direction. And from this, Lex Creative Studios was born! Nowadays, when she's not serving clients through her studio, she's helping fellow designers step into their role as experts through the power of Creative Direction.

Lex Creative Studios

Alexis Campbell

Abbey is the creative director behind Wayfarer – a full-service design studio that elevates premium e-commerce brands to a place of meaning, purpose, and newfound confidence. After starting her design business straight out of college, Abbey learned how to navigate her way through imposter syndrome, awkward client situations, and PLENTY of mistakes. Now, she confidently runs a six figure business working with dream clients, while also helping other designers find their way. Through her course + community, The Designer Essentials Club, Abbey teaches designers how to streamline their process and finally feel confident while working with clients.

Wayfarer Design Studio

Abbey McGrew

Lauren Braier is the owner and creative director of Elby Creative, a playfully modern design studio that transforms e-commerce brands into scroll-stopping sensations. She has spent the last four years designing professionally with an emphasis on packaging design.
Lauren also educates fellow freelance designers on how to design packaging and start working with their dream e-commerce clients. She firmly believes that all designers have the power to take on packaging design projects with confidence, without agency experience!
You can learn more about the Packaging Design Master course at www.elbycreative.com/pdm

Elby Creative

Lauren Braier

Hiya, I'm Amber! I'm a mum, wife, and recovering perfectionist with a love for typography and code. I hail from Australia, where I run my own design and development studio as well as produce Squarespace coding education for other designers. I've been in business as a brand designer since 2015, and swore I'd never go into web design at the time. 7 years, and close to 100 websites later—I couldn't see myself do anything else now! There's nothing I love more than translating beautiful designs into code, and sharing my knowledge along the way.

Amber Ladd / code:shop

Amber Ladd

I've been designing and coding websites since I was 12 and I still can't get enough. I love connecting strategy, design, and tech into one place and helping creative business owners make real money from pursuing their passions. I'm proud to share that since 2014, the December Oak studio has served over 150 small businesses!
When I first started December Oak, I really struggled with client management and my systems were practically non-existent. This led to inconsistent client experience and frustration on both sides. About 3 years into my business journey, I realized that my lack of systems was costing me money and my sanity. So I sat down and mapped out my ideal processes. Of course, I've tweaked things over the years but those fundamental systems have helped me grow a 6-figure business and have streamlined everything the team does.
I've created free resources and I'm in the process of creating a program that will teach other designers how to create systems for their business so they can elevate their client experience and spare themselves hours of frustration.

December Oak

Stefani Lefler

Hi there, I’m Yevgeniya Davarashvili but most people usually call me Gigi – much easier!
I’m a corporate marketing dropout turned conversion-led brand and web designer, and business educator for designers. I’m also the co-founder of lolab, a project and business management platform for creative entrepreneurs, launching in 2022, that will transform the way service-providers work with their clients and run their projects.
I embarked on the entrepreneurial journey in 2016, after realising that the corporate world wasn't where I wanted to be, and wanting to do, achieve and create more with my life. Without really having a backup plan, I started freelancing and eventually opened my design agency One6Creative.
My foundations are rooted in sociology, neuromarketing and business, which has enabled me to build a creative agency that is led by conversion first and design second, and work with clients who range from industry-leading solopreneurs to globally-recognised brands.
In addition to that, through the One6Creative Academy, I’ve taught hundreds of fellow designers on how to become better business owners and effectively run and scale their own agency.


GiGi Davarashvili

Sarah Masci is an online business veteran with nearly 17 years of experience in marketing, branding and web design. A decade of running a traditional design business, filled with scope creep, inconsistent timelines, delayed payments and countless unpaid hours, eventually resulted in classic burnout– becoming the catalyst that sparked Sarah's desire to create a better process; VIP Days! Sarah now teaches other solopreneurs how to simplify their business and scale to six-figures with a VIP Day business model. Since launching in 2019, Sarah's courses and coaching programs have helped thousands of freelancers rediscover joy in their work and the freedom they’d lost along the way.

Day Rate Mastery

Sarah Masci

Morgan Rapp is a brand and Shopify designer, business educator, and creative mentor who started her business after realizing the promises from a college degree weren't her reality. From having a desire to provide for her family and have flexibility to be home with her son, she started her online business in 2013. 10 years later, she has built a million dollar a year business through running her Shopify agency and creating education resources for designers, and believes in empowering other creatives to find their own unique path, create profitable businesses and find their own definition of success. As a mom of 4 kiddos who has grown her business alongside growing her family, she also is an advocate for talking about the human elements in business, self development and the real ups and downs of entrepreneurship. She offers branding and Shopify design services, a Shopify course for designers, and a group coaching program for designers called Design Biz Mastery. In her occasional spare time ;), she explores the mountains of Salt Lake City, Utah and listens to true crime podcasts.

Morgan Rapp

Morgan Rapp

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